One time I was with my family, I dropped my plate of food and I said ‘Goddamnit’ then my mom was like “you can’t say that” so I said “Fine. Satan bless it.” Everyone turned to look at me after I said. I forgot I was in church.

This is my legacy, the girl who said “Satan bless it” in church.


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Faery oil


Use this Oil on yourself during faery rituals or on candles use for faery magic to make this magical oil you will need 3/4 cups of base oil. Then add the proper amount of essential oils to the base oil. next thoroughly blend; then place a Moon stone or quartz to the container of oil.

10 drops gardenia
6 drops lavender
6 drops violet
10 drops rose
6 drops jasmine
1 moon stone or quartz

_Stephanie Woodfield

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